Thursday, May 7, 2009

Making Sales Letter Make Your Client Have No Option Except Buy Your Product

Have you ever imagined it was so easy to sell your product through this tips. And this promotion tips I offered to you had some unique...not such other online promotion you can read more often....Do you know what kind promotion is? I used a simple trick and the point is you don't need to push your client to make them buy your product, but they don't have choice except.. buy your product. Want to know more, go ahead reah my article bellow... At this first paragraph, i tried to explain how to give a clear description about product, real benefit, easy and direct order. What the most important thing when you want to explain or describe your product? There was only two important thing; this product can solve your problem and give a promise benefit. To give a clear description about it, the first thing i let you know about good sales letter. This sales letter has only one objection is to promote your product. You may believe or not, if you promote your product with bad newsletter you will lose about 70% of your sales power So because promotion is too important to rocket your sales, we can underline that word or sentences you used to promote became most important. That why the process of making sales letter become the most important thing and spend most of your time. Imagine that you are only having time about 2 until 4 second to make sure your visitor keep reading your sales letter. So the sentence you write on headline must be quickie trigger to make your visitor felt curious keep reading. So.. the underline word you should know is what kind sentences make you visitor curious and interesting with your product. Making selling trigger at your headline 1. Using Pre-headline Pre- head line , this is content to tell about most commont your client problem, for example like this..."feeling about uncertain about your future, having no enough money to pay your loan, your tax , your premy insurance. You must keep work uder your boring boss, must working underpressure just for to get your monthly salary". The point is you try to explore the problems of people you want to solve. 2. Using Headline. It is important part to make your visitor want to read more your sales letter. The part contained about giving solution as entitiled at Pre-Headline part. Here this example " have you ever imagine you don't need a job anymore, having unlimited income, can go vacancy in anyplace in the world and do anything you like without worrying about your cash. The point is you have unlimited income and reached freedom of finance." I believed freedom of finance is common for you but can u imagine you can make it only with just a blog. So make your blog became a money machine for you." You can see I tried to offered a certain product here and that is how to design a specific blog can make a lot money so it help me to reach finance freedom. 3. Body Text This is most important thing of everypart, begin to explain about your product. But you don't need to tell about detail..not like other promotion.. You must expose about The benefit of your product. All sentences in your newsletter should be design well and given attractive colors such like red, blue and green or other colors depend on your choisces. The point is your design should be creative and attract visitor to read more and more. If the product you sell have a competitor tried to make different by naming your advantage or unique. The point of this part is your product is MUST HAVE BENEFIT AND UNIQUE. 4. Testimony You need this part to ensure your visitor about your product by giving some testimony. You can do it by testimonying yourself, or asked your customer to doing testimony and giving them an incentive like discount for new product . If u don't have customer yet, you can do it by yourself . For the example you can show your report of income if you promoting online blog can monetize you. Testimony can help your visitor to make final decision : buy your product or walk away. Here the example: "In the beginning I don't believe to make money online promotion. So far I just depend on my monthly salary which not give much contribution to meet my daily needs and more over ny family. Until I finally have found this promotion and thought It not bad to try this product and the prices is quite cheap. After I followed this instruction in this e-book, while I go to the bank to withdrawn my money because my son go to the hospital,..I heared the bank officer complained because too many paper of my account should be printed. I asked why to him? He said you got a lot tranfer for two months adn after I chechked, I was shock by supprised.. My accunt is double couple times than before...only for two months I can collect ct 5. Confirmation Phrase This is hard confirmation to make your visitor said...Yes I have read your promotion then I decided to buy your product...and also ...waited If you order right now, you will get bonus discount worth 30%.... This is to make your visitor to take immediate decision then don't forget to add button Order Now. It will link to other page where the visitor can write down personal data at availiable form. This data is important for you to proceed payment process and send your product according customer address. If your product is only e-book you just send it by e-mail. To make easy that you can send or respond email from customer automatically you can consider using autorobot respond software.. And don't forget to add customer name in each head letter ...people like if we wrote their name completely.. so you will never late to reply any customer answer.. There are some important part you need to know the great sales letter but you must be more creative to make your salesletter have some benefit. If you need question please go to my email : or visit my blog

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